Welcome! I’m a community ecologist at the University of Queensland.

I am interested in identifying the role of pollinators in mediating plant community coexistence in natural and agro-ecosystems. Additionally, I wish to build on these findings by investigating the impacts of land-use and climate change on pollination dynamics and the subsequent impacts that these may cause to ecosystem function. I have spent the past six years both conducting my own research and coordinating others in field and lab biology. In the past, my research involved assessing the abundance and composition of pollinators and their resource collection patterns in remnant wildflower communities of conservation concern and adjacent co-flowering canola fields. I have also conducted research into how the presence or absence of pollinating insects influence higher-order interactions in annual wildflower communities, as well as using DNA metabarcoding techniques to advance our understanding of the complex networks of pollination interactions occurring across large-scale agricultural landscapes. My current research is centred on exploring how positive interactions improve predictions of plant community diversity.